One Van Dam Project Exterior One Van Dam Project Exterior
One Van Dam

Mixed Use, Owner's Representative

This 90,000 SF tower houses 25 luxury condominiums ranging from one to five bedrooms and a commercial retail space on the ground floor.

90,000 SF

The Universal Church

Owner's Representative

The Universal Church has approximately 25,000 locations around the world and over 175 in the United States.

Multi Locations

Tempo 300

Luxury Condominium, Owner's Representative

A $48 million, 130,000 SF, twenty-story core and shell luxury condominium project developed by Menolly Development of Dublin, Ireland.

130,000 SF

3601 Market Street

Mixed Use, Owner's Representative

A thirty-story Class AA mixed-use development developed by Southern Land Company.

25 Cooper Square

Hotel, Owner's Representative

A 145-Room, twenty-one-story contemporary hotel in downtown Manhattan.

Trump National Golf Club

Golf, Owner's Representative

The 75,000 SF main clubhouse at Trump National is the flagship of Donald Trump’s clubhouses in the Northeast.

75,000 SF

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